Angela Huth Dipl.- Designerin (FH), Plauenscher Ring 34, 01187 Dresden,
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The journey is the reward.
Initially, I studied traffic engineering and logistics and graduated successfully. After my son's birth I spent time with my family.

Then I studied industrial design in Dresden. Subsequently I became a qualified myself to a multimedia designer. After graduating, I worked as a screendesigner for different multimedia agencies for many years. I worked on projects for many different well-known companies, such as IBM.

In addition to my work with TechKnowSys, I work on different projects in Germany, including well-known companies such as Ford and Miele. I´m also responsible for the design of the websites of many successful theaters and artist in the culture metropolis of Dresden.

I love to design clear, fresh, easy appearing websites. In my search for the best designs, I like to play with associations of pictures and colors, collages, and the interplay of images and typography.



Mark Twain